Chuka ( Uttarakhand)

Going some 55 km away from our city, we find a beautiful place known as Chuka.

Seeing this place, I was refreshed by memory in Rishikesh, the beauty and the banks of the river are so beautiful that you will be very happy to see them.

And we again set up our camp on the banks of the river the same night.We had all the food and drink available. We started collecting woodens for the night after setting up our camp.

There was a little fear, people had told us about the threat of ghosts here.But to tell you the truth, when 2 packs went inside me, all the fear went out and I stayed up all night and we had a lot of fun.

We 3 or 4 friends stayed here and we caught fish here and cooked, By the way, whenever we go camping, we never do anything dirty and that is our first priority.

If I have a best travel partner then that is Bose speaker. This makes our trip even more fun. Actually I have seen no better outdoor speakers than this in my life.

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