KHATIMA, a beautiful city in the lap of the mountains.
Dear reader! You’re most welcome in the Khatima a town at the foot of the mountains.

Khatima City is situated in the Udham Singh Nager district of kumaun region in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, which is full of nature beauty from all around, where nature has spread its unique colors.
Whichever direction you go, those directions will fill your life with new hopes.
On one hand, where there are wonderful views of wildlife, on the other side there are peaceful river banks, which give a different feeling of peace in life.
Unforgettable view of high mountains on one hand and melodious sound of waterfalls falling from high on the other.
Hello! We are
Our headquarter is at Khatima which is in the Udham Singh Nager district of the Kumaun region in the state of Uttarakhand.

Our travel agency provides our guests with a very safe and memorable trip, while also providing a plethora of experiences. We also take full care that you should not be inconvenienced.

Jungle Camping
River side Camping
Mountains Camping
Outdoor sports activities

Jungle Camping
There are many experiences of jungle camping.
Have you ever gone jungle camping?
If you’ve done jungle camping or not, give us a chance to share our experiences with you.
We will make you feel the interesting and memorable moments of wildlife.

River side Camping
We have many, most beautiful scenery for a river side camping, where you will have a lot of fun and enjoy the beauty of nature.
This trip will become a golden part of your life and will be etched in your memories forever.

Rafting is a very adventurous sport and a very popular sports water sports. If you also love Rafting and want to experience the fun of this sport, then contact and make your trip an adventure.

Mountain Camping
80.07% of the Uttarakhand are mountainous, so you can guess that Uttarakhand is full of natural beauty. When we reach closer to the mountains, the view is beautiful and joyous doubles when we go camping there.
Come to Uttarakhand, welcomes you.

Outdoor sports activities
We have resources for a variety of outdoor sports activities that are available according to regional structure such as- Rock Climbing, trekking, swimming and other sports activities, and you can experience all this at very affordable prices, so come to Uttarakhand and give a chance to serve you.

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