Munsiyari, the beauty of the mountains.

Place to visit in Munsiyari.

1. Khalia top Bugyal and trek.
Khalia top is a Bugyal (green meadows, which are very amazing to see) near Munsiyari in Pithorsgarh district of Uttarakhand state, its height is 3500 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by snowy peaks.
The view of Khalia Top Bugyal and the entire range of Himalayas around it, which mesmerizes everyone who visits there different species of birds, cool breeze, here it feels as if we have come above the clouds.
The fun of trekking here is something else, nothing can be said about the experience here, you will understand this experience only after coming to Khalia Top.

Khalia Top is a very famous place for trekking, which covers a distance of about 7 km and is a very steep climb. Khalia Top trekking starts from Khalia Gate located at Blati Bend.
While trekking there are mountains on one side and ditch-like slopes on the other side and paths made for the travelers to walk in between, here you get a fun experience of both jungle trekking and hill trekking and as you move towards the height, the wonderful views of natural beauty make our heart swell.
When you reach Khaliya Top after completing this trek, then the view, there removes all your tiredness, and by evening, the setting sun, the redness of the sky falling on the snowy rocks gives you a calm evening experience.
And then the matter of night camping is different.

Nandadevi Temple, Kalamini Temple.

Nandadevi Temple is located at distance of 3 km from Munsiyari and by walking on a 200 meters footpath from the road we reach the courtyard of Nandadevi Temple. As soon as we reach! Our gaze falls upon the majestic temple of Matarani, and the panchachuli peak (6,904m), Nandaghunti peak (6,309m),covered with a sheet of white snow in front, adds to the beauty of the temple.

Kalamuni Temple is located at a distance of 16 km from Munsiyari. It is just on the road going from Munsiyari to Thal. It is the highest area of Munsiyari and in winter it is completely covered with snow, roads, shops, even houses are covered with snow. So visit Travel My Dream welcomes you to Munsiyari, Uttarakhand.

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