Enchanting Places for Camping in Uttrakhand

Uttarakhand is known for its spirituality, is also one of the popular adventure destinations in India. This place is simply a paradise for travelers and thrill-seekers seeking for experiencing scenic beauty with a blend of adventure. While the great elevations comprised of ice and rocks, the lower elevations are highly bearable and bestowed pine forests. It is also home to several national parks and sanctuaries and natural wonders like the Valley of Flowers and the skeleton lake of Roopkund.
With a huge number of adventure activities, it also offers several enthralling camping destinations nestled in the stunning Himalayan Mountains & valleys and entirely away from the hustle-bustle of the city. So get away from your regular lifestyle, pack your bags, and travel to Uttarakhand. While camping in Uttarakhand, you will surely enjoy a fantastic vacation. Even the tourism department is concentrating more on offering a wide range of facilities for adventure seekers. 
Best Places for Camping In Uttrakhand

Camping is the main activity performed in Uttarakhand. It is highly popular that people from different nations also come here to visit. There are so many famous camping places in Uttarakhand, let’s look at the best places.
Camping in Jim Corbett Uttarakhand
Jim Corbette is a most visited and famous camping destination amongst people living around Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Delhi. Even though a tiger reserve and a national park which is known for housing a huge population of Royal Bengal Tigers in Uttarakhand, Corbett also offers accommodation within the Reserve. There are several choices to select from according to the ecotourism zones making it the most popular place for Camping in Uttarakhand. You can stay in cottage camps in Dhikuli, Ringoda, or Mohan village or stay next to the Ramganga River, or in comfy safari-style tents amid the Sal forests in the Sitabani forest zone. Here, you can go on elephant safaris and take safaris through the tiger reserve, which allows you to explore wildlife up close up and pander to bird watching.

Camping in Chopta, Uttarakhand
Situated at the altitude of 8,790 feet in the Rudraprayag district, Chopta is a small area in the Himalayas which has been also named ‘Mini Switzerland’. It comprises pine and green meadows, deodar, & rhododendron trees and is also the starting point of several treks.
You can set your camp up and wake up to a fantastic view of Chaukhamba range and Nanda Devi. It is a perfect place for camping in Uttarakhand. It will be a fresh air away from metro life to watch the birds chirp and the sunrise while sitting up high in the mountains. You can also do yoga, sit next to a bonfire at night, take photographs or take part in rock climbing.
Camping in Shivpuri Uttarakhand
Shivpuri is a small but beautiful village place which is popularly known for river rafting and camping. You can easily find an array of stunning campsites there with some best adventurous activities. Camping in Shivpuri comprises staying in alpine luxury tents with evening snacks, 3 times meal, bonfire & music at night, jungle walk, volleyball, fun at Ganga beach, riverside activities, river rafting, etc. With camping here, you can also take part in Kayaking, rock climbing, and many more activities.
Camping in Kanatal Uttarakhand
After Shivpuri and Rishikesh, Kanatal is one of the third most visited places for camping in Uttarakhand. This is a small village of Uttarakhand appealing to tourists with its rural charm and charming mountain views. You can easily find there the dense forest consisting of fruit trees, several flowers, and ayurvedic herbs. Here you enjoy activities like camping, hiking, valley crossing, yoga & meditation, trekking, zip-lining.
So, what are you waiting for? Stay in the lush green forest with Mother Nature and enjoy serene stay in enthralling camps.


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