Tungnath Temple

TUNGNATH the name has a unique presence of LORD SHIVA. The only temple of LORD SHIVA located at height of the 4000ft. NOW Let’s TALK ABOUT THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF THE LOCATION. Open green meadows like heaven. I dreamed of the heaven but when I was in TUNGNATH….It was like the heaven for me. Being in the presence of white mountains, green open ground, mild weather and little bit seasoning of the cold air……AWESOME. It seems like when you are starving and craving of the hunger and someone offers you PIZZA with child BEER. Frankly, it’s a heaven for me….LOL. SO the same aroma you will inbreathe in TUNGNATH. The height of Tungnath will defiantly thrill you. The view with naked eyes will be like High Definition, you can see that mixed and edited beauty in Photography but what you will feel when you will be at this place it is a Unique experience. So I will suggest you just be sometime over here. The green meadows, dark green jungle, white layer of snow with shades of the clean white cloud will amuse you definitely. There are few shops where you can feed yourself with only one glass of Milk. The quality of the MILK I can’t even tell you what it feels like. So just begin your journey and pack your bags and move towards your remembering Trek of TUNGNATH.


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