Laal kothi (khatima)

This Lal Kothi is such a beautiful place in our city where people spend a lot of their time in walking.

There are many places here where the things that were built in the time of the British were.

People come here make chicken and have a drinking party. People also come here to take their photos and make videos for their channel.

You will be able to come here again and again due to the lovely views in the middle of the canal and the forests.

This place is not only for eating and drinking, Lal Kothi is also suitable for doing yoga and meditation, There is also a beautiful pass at this place which comes out from under the river, really a very spectacular work was done at that time.


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  1. says:

    Beautiful landscape. Where is Laal Kothi located?

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    1. Mayank Joshi says:

      Thanks Nanchi. This place is in Khatima in Uttarakhand

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      1. says:

        Oh…That’s nice. Uttarakhand is heaven!

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      2. Mayank Joshi says:

        thank you, yes our Uttarakhand is very beautiful, That’s why it is also called Dev Bhoomi

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